At Brave Heart Stake Pool we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a low latency fiber connection. Each of the stake pool nodes used have their own independent SSD's. Our relays have been set up in different locations to ensure the security of our system. The server is provided with its own bot that is set up to monitor & check every minute for reliability and stability. 

Stake Pool Mission

At Brave Heart Stake Pool we are focusing on our mission: helping our delegates to have financial 'FREEDOM' whilst providing them with a passive income from rewards & help promote the Cardano community/network to reach its goal of mass adoption of the project.

We are taking a percentage of the operators profits each epoch and helping other stake pools that are also mission orientated and working to help good causes. 

Missions/Pools Supported

To date we have help support the following pools for good causes:

1. We have agreed to use the 25% of BraveHeartStakePools operators share profit from our first epoch that we mint a block to the great cause #SaveTheChildrenThis cause is supported by the stake pool | AIR | - ADABREATHES Cardano stake pool - Ticker:AIR

Feel free to contact us at braveheartstakepool@protonmail.com.

Please feel free to join the local Cardano U.K

Telegram channel https://t.me/CardanoUK

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