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At BraveHeartStakePool we are committed in providing you as part of the Cardano community with the ability to have financial 'FREEDOM'. We strive to provide a quality and reliable service to our delegators and maximise your return on stake simply by delegating 'BRAVE'

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a StakePool operating with a low latency high speed fiber connection. Each of the stake pool nodes used have their own independent 160GB enterprise class SSD's. Our relays have been set up in different locations to ensure the security of our system. The server is provided with security measures that are set up to monitor & check every minute for reliability and stability and operate with an uptime of 99.99% SLA. 

ADA is the native cryptocurrency used within the Cardano blockchain platform. The platform is aimed to suit the needs of people from all walks of life whether they are from developed or developing parts of the world. It will help to provide us with the tools and technologies required to create equal financial opportunities in the future.


The mathematicians and engineers behind the creation of Cardano have built it from the ground up are fully invested in the ongoing development and implementation of feature sets to bring increased use case functionality to the network.


Everyone is welcome to join the Cardano community and be part of a revolution in the cryptocurrency industry which is set to bring about positive global change. 

ADA & The Cardano Blockchain

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